Additional Fees



How big or small of an order will you print?

Big or small, we do them all! We are very happy to print small orders! Because it takes the same amount of time to set up a single item job as it does to set up a 1000 item job, you may be charged set-up fees on small orders. Large orders may require a bit more time - our target is always 10 business days for any size order, but if your order is several thousand pieces, we may need more time. Not only are we able to waive our screen and set up fees on larger orders, but the print pricing gets better as well! The larger the order, the better the price.

What forms of payment do you accept, and do you offer Terms?

We accept cash, bank checks and credit cards. We also offer net 30 to businesses in good standing. For private parties we charge a minimum 50% deposit, balance due at delivery.

My order is for resale – do I have to pay sales tax?

Upon receiving your Arizona Form 5000 or 5000A, all sales tax fees will be waived.

Do you Price Match?

At our discretion, we will price match any competing bid or estimate. Just provide the estimate from our competitor detailing each item with print locations and colors. If a garment is included, be sure to provide the model number.

How long will it take to get my order?

We prefer a minimum of ten business days from the day you place your order until it is complete - anything less is considered a “Rush Order”. The fee for rush orders 6 – 10 business days is $50.00 or 10%, whichever is greater. The fee for a rush order 5 business days or less is $75.00 or 20%, whichever is greater. To place your order, the estimate and design must be formally approved, and we must know the garments you've chosen, including sizes and quantities. Businesses must provide a P.O. if necessary, and the 50% deposit is due for private parties. If you are providing your own garments, we need to have them delivered to us no less than two weeks (ten business days) before the print deadline to avoid rush charges.

Can I provide my own garments?

Absolutely. Because we buy in bulk, we are often able to provide both the garment and the printing for the same or even less than you would pay for the garment alone. This is especially true for large orders. Because the customization process is very hazardous to the garment, we ask that you provide for a 3% spoilage rate (it's a good idea to supply at least one extra per size) with the understanding that your garments are supplied at your own risk. Our pricing may fluctuate slightly based on the color(s) and style of your garments. We cannot provide firm pricing on garments supplied by others until we have inspected the actual garments.

Do you ever use substitute garments?

Frequently we quote a specific garment item number in an estimate, and as such we work very hard to secure that exact garment. Occasionally we run into unforeseen issues with our suppliers which may force a substitute garment. When this happens, we work very hard to secure an equivalent garment (identical or nearly identical in color, sizing, style and quality).

I have my own design, what format do you need the image in?

Acceptable artwork files are EPS, CDR, PDF and PNG. Please ensure your image is of good quality and you have secured all the rights necessary to reproduce / use it. If the image is not crisp, it will not print well (or at all) and we may have to clean it up. If so, there will be a $50.00 per hour fee for this service

If I have an idea for a print, will you prepare the artwork?

Of course. Our design fee is $50.00 per hour. We will prepare a design for you to look at on a mock-up for your approval before we print anything.

What is the difference between a Mock-Up or Proof, and a Sample?

A mock-up or proof is an image of your design on the garment – this is a service we provide free of charge. A sample is your design printed on the garment of your choice – this involves all of the initial screen and set-up fees, as well as any other fees necessary for your design.

What is the deal with Screens?

Each color and location in a design requires its own screen. Additionally, when an image for printing is created, it is strategically located on the screen to line up precisely on the garment. On small orders we charge a “Screen Preparation Fee” which covers our cost in preparing the screen the first time. You will not be charged this fee again if you re-order the same design within 12 months. The screens we prepare for your print are available for purchase for an additional fee. We only store our own screens.

Why do you charge a Machine Set Up Fee for re- prints?

Each time we do a print run, we have to set up our printer, which can take hours. At our discretion we may waive this fee for simple prints.

What are Specialty Inks?

Generally speaking, standard ink will cover most of your screen printing needs, but besides a full range of standard colors, ink is also available with many effects. For example, glitter ink, puff ink, and glow in the dark ink would all fall into the category of “Specialty Ink”. There are countless options, so please ask us if you have something special in mind.